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Choosing The Best Organ Transplant Team Transport

If a hospital has an emergency in which one of their patients is in need of an organ transplant, and they need to have the organ delivered as soon as possible, they need to have an air ambulance at their disposal which can fly that organ at high speeds in order to save this person’s life. Timing is literally of the essence when you are facing a life and death situation, and having the best organ transplant team working for you will help you save more lives. Here are some tips on choosing the best organ transplant team transport to ensure that you can provide the best possible service for those that are at any hospital.

What Is A Transplant Team?

There are many aspects to having a transport team that will be able to work as a solid unit, capable of producing results. If a patient needs to have access to surgical procurement teams, as well as lifesaving organs within the span of hours, this team will be able to deliver every time. One aspect of the team includes transport coordinators, the individuals that are responsible for coordinating the organ with the team and its aircraft, and knowing exactly where to send it right away. Logistic specialists are also part of the package, making sure that ground transportation that delivers the organ to the airport arrives on time. Onboard, you are going to have a team of doctors that are specially trained in order to properly care for the organ en route to its destination. Working together, the requested organ will be delivered on time in perfect condition, able to be used by surgeons right away to help save a person’s life.

Equipment And Interiors

There are certain types of equipment used on an air ambulance to ensure that the organ will arrive safely. There will be top-of-the-line aircraft pressurization built into the aircraft to ensure that changes in air pressure as the aircraft ascends and descends cannot affect the organ. Although these aircraft are also equipped to handle patients and may have specialized equipment for individuals in need such as a defibrillator, ventilator, respirator and cardiac monitors, the organ simply needs to be maintained at a proper temperature and pressure within a sealed container to ensure that it is not affected during the flight and can be used upon arrival.

Locating A Reputable Organ Transplant Team Transport

The best way to locate one of these transports which are specifically designed to handle organs is to contact companies that have air ambulance technology as they will know exactly what team to use to perform this certain task. The goal is always to save the lives of as many people as possible, and delivering an organ safely and on time is certainly part of their training. The best references will come from colleagues at other hospitals that are using similar services, transplant teams and aircraft that have helped save lives for their patients in need. You can read more on medical transports and organ transports by visiting

Why Private Jet Maintenance Is So Important

One thing that must be considered when booking a private jet is the type of maintenance that is done on it regularly. What is done to the jet to make sure that each patient gets to their destination safely and efficiently? Whether you know it or not, the way that a jet is directly linked to a patient’s overall experience and well-being. Think about all of the following information if you are considering a private jet.


Inspections Are Done Regularly

air ambulance jet taking off 300x199 Why Private Jet Maintenance Is So ImportantIt is crucial that there is regularly maintenance done on any jet that is responsible for patient transport. They should be done each week as well as multiple times throughout the day. Every time a jet is checked, this is done to make sure that there are no underlying issues that would result in a terrible passenger experience. In the event that a problem is found when checks are done, the jet will be taken out of service until it has satisfied all maintenance requirements. This is the only way to ensure that patients are getting the best service when they are being transported by jet.


Small And Large Jobs

There are numerous services that may need to be done on a private jet to keep it in proper working order. There are small jobs that keep the plane comfortable for patients, and there are larger ones that concern the speed of the jet and the quality of the equipment.

Any company you hire should do everything possible to make sure that everyone on board is safe. Whether this means buying new equipment or making sure that the flight is smooth and free of excessive bumps, it needs to be done. They should have an experienced crew that works very hard to make sure that the jet is well maintained. Again, this is something that needs to be done on a regular basis.

This is just a glimpse into what needs to be done before a private jet is ready to transport patients. These checks are very thorough and are in place to make sure that they will be in great working order for many years to come. Maintenance will have to be done regularly until the jet is no longer carrying passengers. That is the only way that it will be free of problems and safety issues while giving patients the best possible experience. Click here to visit Last Chance Travel to learn more about private jets and maintenance of them.

Why Are Non-Emergency Air Ambulance Transports Necessary?

Air ambulances are excellent for transporting passengers in all kinds of medical emergencies; however, many people do not realize that it is also possible to use this type of service to transport passengers who may have extra medical needs but are not in crisis. For example, when transferring an elderly patient from one hospital to another or from hospital to a nursing home, a non-emergency air transport may be in order. This is especially true if there is a great distance to be covered. Going by air is naturally quicker and more comfortable. Additionally, the medical staff on board is always completely aware of the condition of the patient/passenger. They are ready, willing and able to help should any emergency arise throughout the flight.

Taylors Story Angel Flight West 300x186 Why Are Non Emergency Air Ambulance Transports Necessary?Pilots of air ambulance service planes and helicopters are, of course, licensed pilots. Furthermore, they are required to have an excellent safety history. Many different types of aircraft are enlisted in service as both non-emergency and emergency medical transport vehicles. Typically, you will see the twin engine Cessna used for this purpose. Other choices include the Lear Jet and the Gulfstream. Patients and/or family members may also be able to arrange for luxury aircraft to be used for transport.

Medical insurance often covers medical transport; however, patients should confirm this with their insurance company in advance. In this way, everyone can avoid unpleasant surprises. About a third of the patients who make use of medical transport do have at least some insurance coverage that will help defray the costs. Those who use Medicaid or Medicare may be able to get good referrals for assistance by simply asking their doctors. It’s a good idea to shop medical transport services before you need one. Finding out which services are covered by your insurance and what they offer is a simply matter of making contact and asking questions.

International Medical Flights: Why And How

The recent Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa has opened a big conversation about medical flights and air ambulances. They came into prominence when news broke that two American patients in West Africa were being airlifted all the way to Georgia, and for many, this was their first time hearing about international medical flights.

International flights are done for many reasons. The most obvious one is to transport a patient who needs a certain type of care – in this case, an Ebola patient – to another place that can give them that care. This is especially common in small, rural countries, such as in Africa and certain island nations.

While almost every country in the world has at least one major medical center equipped to take care of just about anything, many areas do not. Even the nicest medical center may not be able to provide transplant care or to help with certain surgeries for a critical patient. Some do not have the ability to contain and take care of certain diseases. In this case they may airlift their patient to a neighboring country that can take care of them.

There are a lot of legalities behind international transport. In the case of the Ebola patients, they were American citizens being transported back to their home country. This is the most common type of international medical flights, and the easiest to deal with legally. It’s when someone is transported to the a country they are not a citizen of that some things can become tricky.

However, as the world continues to become more global on a social and medical level, we are going to see an increase in international medical flights. This is fantastic, as it means that millions of more people are getting the proper care that they may not have received before.

Finding Private Jet Rentals For Less

If you are a fan of traveling to different exotic locations, you might want to consider a different way of going from one place to the next. If you have the funds to do so, with money not being a problem at all, you might want to consider using private jets. These can provide you with luxury, speed, and convenience that you simply cannot have when traveling with public transportation. You can actually save a considerable amount of money when traveling extensively by utilizing a private jet rentals company that charges far less than the rest.

Locating Private Jet Rentals Online

Man on private jet 011 Getty Images 300x180 Finding Private Jet Rentals For LessThe first place that you should begin your search for a company that offers private jets is to go onto the Internet to see what companies are advertising. As you can probably assume, these businesses will have professional websites that are designed to show you what they have to offer. Many of them will have videos depicting how the flight will go, or even providing you with an overview of what their company has to offer. Some of the pages will depict the fleet that they have, giving you a basic idea of the jets that you have to choose from. Some of the information will talk about their safety record, giving you the confidence that you should have before choosing to fly with their company.

Contacting A Private Jet Rentals Company

Once you have found a company or two, and decided on whether or not you want to rent the jet, or simply take advantage of their charter hourly rates, you can get the right get for your trip for leisure or business, allowing you to get to your destination in style. The prices will range from about $2000 an hour for a smaller jet to $8000 an hour for an ultra long range aircraft. You can also rent them for vacations, such as a week long trip, and simply pay a flat fee for their service. If this is something that you would like to consider using, find out more today about private jet rentals in your area.

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