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Travel Medical Insurance – Tips, Assistance and Advice

Are you worried about your health care needs when traveling abroad?

You don’t have to anymore with the creation of travel medical insurance. Unlike other medical and travel insurance, they are dedicated in providing medical assistance to its members even if they are miles away. Whenever you need medical assistance due to accidents or acute illness, they can offer health assistance by collaborating with the company’s professionals in making health care decisions.  They can also provide medical evacuation if it is required as the local health facilities don’t have these resources to accomplish it. They also protect you from unexpected charges if you don’t have a travel medical plan. You can now travel to a foreign country without any worries. There are a lot of plans available in the market depending on your need and length of stay.

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Travel medical plans

It is as international insurance plans available for travelers worldwide outside their country of residence. Unlike other travel insurance, travel protection plans can be acquired before and after departure from country of residence.

Moreover, these plans have wider medical coverage purchase that applies to each and every occurrence that may take place while travelling without any limit on the number of occurrences.

These medical plans are aimed for any type of traveler and trip for a short, medium or long periods that you wish to be completely covered and worry free in case of any event that may take place during the trip.

Global trip plans are international plans available for any type of travelers going outside their country. The medical coverage of these plans has a maximum limit during the trip regardless of the number of occurrences that might take place.


Travel insurance is something you absolutely need on the road. You never know what could happen, and most health plans don’t cover you overseas. I never thought I would pop my eardrum. My friend never thought he would break his leg hiking in New Zealand. A writer I know had to be helicoptered out of the Amazon after he fell off a boat. Another friend didn’t think her father would die and she would have to fly back home. But all those things did and travel insurance was there when all those things happened. (My favorite travel insurance provider is World Nomads. They always have my back when something like the above happens.)

Second, you want to make sure your policy also covers emergency evacuation and care that is separate from your medical coverage. If you are hiking in the woods and you break your leg, your policy should cover your evacuation to the hospital. If a natural disaster occurs and you need to be evacuated to somewhere else, your plan should cover that as well. This protection should cover an expense of up to $300,000 USD.

Additionally, evacuation also should mean from the hospital to your home country. Standard emergency evacuation usually includes this provision but it’s important you double-check a company will cover the cost of your flight back home if you need it.

A great policy will always include the following provisions:

  • Cover most countries in the world.
  • Some coverage for your electronics (and have the option for a higher coverage limit).
  • Cover injury and sudden illnesses.
  • Twenty-four hour emergency services and help (you don’t want to call to be told to call back later).
  • Cover lost, damaged or stolen possessions like jewelry, baggage, documents, cameras, etc.
  • Cover cancellations such as hotel bookings, flight, and other transportation bookings if you have a sudden illness, death in the family, or some other emergency.
  • Cover emergencies, strife in the country visited, etc., that cause you to head home early.
  • Policies should include personal accident coverage.
  • Have financial protection if any company you are using goes bankrupt and you are stuck in another country.

Don’t get a policy that doesn’t cover these bullet points!” Originally found on


Consider including emergency assistance protection for your plan, whether you’re travelling because of business, pleasure or a simple visit to see a family or friend. A lot of individuals already feel secure having acquired a basic health insurance not aware that most medical plans limit coverage when out of their network, especially when out of the country and most don’t assist you in case you need medical evacuation or bringing your loved ones to your side. Moreover, credit card companies can provide assistance in case of lost or stolen items, but do little to help locate them. Whether traveling out of town or out of the country medical and travel emergencies can and often do happen.

travel injury - broken arm

Injuries are the leading cause of preventable death among travelers. Emergency care may not be available or acceptable. The health care system may not be accessible in the country where the accident occurs. Trauma centers are uncommon outside urban areas and travel to the nearest medical facility can take a long time and cause a preventable death. Road traffic crashes are the leading cause of injury.

This is the reason why it is recommended that travelers consider purchasing special health and evacuation coverage if their travel destinations include countries where there may not be access to good medical care. Emergency assistance programs may provide a wide array of emergency medical and travel assistance services if and when you need them while traveling.

Emergency assistance plans are not travel insurance which means you can easily obtain one without submitting to health questions, medical exams or lengthy forms.

You can purchased them from a travel provider before leaving on a trip and that only cover the one trip, and just provides benefits if your trip is cancelled, delayed or if your luggage is lost. In fact, emergency assistance is usually a membership program, not insurance. This means you can easily get hold of this without submitting yourself to health questions, medical exams or lengthy forms.” Read more at


So, what does travel insurance cover? Depending on Your Coverage Selection

These are the 5 basic types of coverage provided with vacation insurance. This page outlines the general coverage provided, and our full guide to coverage can be found here.

  1. Cancelled Trips

This is the #1 concern with most travelers.

Plane tickets, cruise fare, tour packages, hotel rooms, charter fishing boats, golf greens fees.

You invest money when planning a trip. If these expenses are pre-paid and non-refundable, you risk losing it if something goes wrong.

Trip Cancellation Coverage reimburses you for pre-paid, non-refundable expenses if you need to cancel your trip before you depart.

Insurance companies provide a list of covered reasons for trip cancellation, an overview of typical covered reasons is below.

Covered reasons to cancel your trip:

  • Sickness, injury, or death of you, a family member, or a traveling companion
  • Hurricane damages your destination or cancels your flight
  • Laid off from work or required to work
  • Terrorist incident in your destination city
  • Bankruptcy of your travel supplier
  • Called for jury duty

This is only a partial list, but you can see it covers very common situations for cancelling.

The most common reason is the first one…someone getting sick or a family member passing away.

Trip Interruption Coverage is similar to cancellation coverage, but covers you while you are on your trip for the same list of covered reasons.

If something happens and you are required to return home, insurance will reimburse you for the lost portion of your trip…as well as any additional expenses for the last-minute flight home.

  1. Medical emergencies abroad

This is crucial, and often overlooked.

Most people think they are covered for medical emergencies if they already have existing health care insurance. Within the United States, that will be true.

Outside the U.S., however, is a big IF. Most do not provide coverage, and Medicare never covers you abroad.

Would you feel comfortable having a family member risk inadequate medical care in a foreign country?

For cruises, your health insurance from home may not cover you if you’re traveling on a foreign-flagged ship (which includes most cruise ships).

Medical Expense Coverage will cover you for accidents and emergency medical and dental care when you travel abroad.

Even if you are covered for basic emergency care overseas (again, a big IF), your current health insurance provider will almost certainly NOT pay to evacuate you and repatriate you back to the U.S.

  1. Emergency evacuations

Emergency Evacuation Coverage will pay for emergency evacuation expenses such as airlifts and medically equipped flights back home, and oftentimes will transport you to the hospital of your choice for care.

Evacuation expenses can be devastating.

An ambulance to the hospital, an air medical airlift to a more adequate hospital, getting you back home on board a medically-staffed flight afterwards…evacuation expenses can easily cost $50,000.

  1. Lost bags, delayed bags, delayed flights

These coverage are for the “smaller things” that are nice to have. Again, the list is not complete but it will give you an idea of some additional coverages.

Baggage Coverage can reimburse you for your personal belongings if your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged.

Baggage Delay Coverage provides money to buy essential items until your delayed bags arrive, such as a toiletry kit, a swimsuit, or another change of clothes.

Travel Delay Coverage provides reimbursement for additional expenses if your flight is delayed, such as an extra night in a hotel or a meal at a restaurant.

  1. Phone assistance 24/7 worldwide

This is about having a ‘lifeline’ to call when something happens.

Medical emergencies, stolen baggage, lost passports, cancelled flights. Every travel insurance company provides 24/7 support for all of these needs.

This service is most important when you have a medical issue.

24/7 Travel Assistance Services can help you:

  • Locate the nearest adequate hospital if needed
  • Organize medical transportation
  • Arrange for treatment and overcome any language barriers
  • Organize transportation home
  • Replace prescriptions in an emergency

In addition, non-medical assistance may include:



Requiring medical attention is stressful as it is from waiting for a consultation to different laboratories and examination to the long hours of waiting for the results. Imagine being in this situation in another country and you can’t ask for help because you don’t understand  the language they speak.

It is not a problem anymore with the development of travel assistance they provide medical and emergency assistance 24/7. It is a group of trained medical experts and insurance specialist who are available anytime and from anywhere to assist travelers whenever an emergency happens. They can also coordinate a medical evacuation and repatriation back home should a need arise. They deliver emergency assistance to policy holders who suddenly suffer from an acute illness or become injured while travelling abroad; it is a worldwide service and works together with numerous hospital healthcare groups and other service providers around the globe.

These are the basic functions of travel assistance:

  • “ provide medical repatriation if required

  • make payment of hospital and medical bills

  • reschedule disrupted travel plans

  • provide advice and contact details for airlines and local embassy in the event of lost tickets, passports or travel documents

  • provide contact details for bank/credit card provider to assist with arrangements for emergency transfer of funds

  • Provide urgent messaging to your family or travel agent.” Originally taken from

Essentials of Travel Insurance to Follow

“Travel insurance is often the last thing travellers think about – either they believe they wont need it or its an expense that they would rather avoid. But almost any serious traveler will tell you – things can, and do wrong, when you least expect it so its better to prepared for the unforeseen occurrences.

Unfortunately, I am all too familiar with travel insurance. After getting my camera snatched out of my bag in Tokyo and having my ipod stolen while on an overnight bus trip in Indonesia, these casualties have almost always been covered by my travel insurance.

Travel insurance can be broken down into three categories: medical, cancellation and baggage travel insurance.

Medical Travel Insurance

If you are only going to pick one type of insurance I would definitely opt for medical coverage. While it may be a bummer that you missed your flight and now have to pay another $1000 for an extra flight, it’s a whole other story when you need to be airlifted from a mountain and given emergency medical services totaling anywhere from $20,000 to 1,000,000 plus. I was recently trekking in Nepal, 2 days into our trip a girl was suffering from such altitude sickness that she had to be evacuated by helicopter to a major city. Not only did her medical coverage enable her to forgo the $25,000 price tag but it also let her pick the hospital/city she would be transported to.

Furthermore, while most hospitals in developing countries will admit you immediately, they wont let you leave unless you pay. So it’s a good idea to have insurance in place to take care of these charges.”

This article was originally found posted on

Insurance companies offer different kinds of insurance policy depending on the clients’ needs. Insurance policy covers you locally or internationally, to whatever unexpected expenses or incidents that can happen to you or depending on the extent of the insurance you want to cover.

Here are the different kinds of travel insurance policies and what are the differences from other insurance policy.

Health Care Insurance Policy

Having insurance that will cover your health care services is very important due to the high health care services in another country. It is highly important to have health care insurance most especially if you are leaving the country because you can never tell when you are going to be sick.

Car Rental insurance

If you want to drive a car while you are in other countries think of having car rental insurance before you leave. Car rental is seldom included in the travel insurance so have to be specific that you want to avail this service.

Group Travel Insurance

If you plan to leave the country, but you are in a group? Have the group insurance policy. Most of the time employers give this insurance plan to their employees. And this kind of insurance covers the travel insurance. Check with your employer if travel insurance is included with the insurance they gave you.

Determine in the event you would like single-trip, backpacker or yearly best travel insurance, and whether you are insuring group or a person. Ensure you have sufficient cover for essentials like cancellation, baggage and medical expenses, then think about extras that are added. Don’t forget, you will get onscreen help in our estimates procedure, or you’ll be able to read in our guides

See in the event you were able to spend less by comparing multiple travel insurance companies in one simple and fast search.

All the estimates you are revealed will include cover for cancellation, health care expenses and personal gear, and you will possess the most recent advice from independent fiscal researcher accessible to assist you see just what you are getting from your purchase.

If you elect to attempt estimates service, fundamental personal, and whether the travellers needing cover have any preexisting health conditions, travel medical insurance, travel health insurance

You will have the ability to select whether you need single- or multi travel insurance, or a backpacker/gapyear coverage. In the event you will need cover for a business trip, a cruise or winter sports, you can tick a suitable box.

Afterward it is merely a case of selecting the portion of the world and going into the beginning date needed.

It is also possible to customize search results to contain, by way of example, adequate gear cover in the event you are considering taking high-priced gadgets away.

You can click through for additional info, together with the option to buy a policy and/or over the telephone when you see a coverage you enjoy the appearance of.

Our guides will be able to allow you to comprehend discretionary addons to specialist and coverages cover, including coverages for over-65s, for people who have preexisting health conditions, scheduled airline failure insurance (Safi) and sports cover.

Learn why you can need long-stay travel insurance this may also make an impact on your home insurance and in the event that you are considering travel for over 30 days, and find how you can reap the benefits of travel insurance when holidaying in a caravan or in the UK.

Discover why it is a poor thought to double up on travel insurance, the best way to prevent claim rejections, if your excursion is affected by delayed or cancelled flights, and what compensation you’ll be able to expect.

Visit to read the entire articles additional tips and advice.

Travel insurance is under a health care policy that covers for an individual from an unexpected expense, lost and repatriation. Depending on your needs and wants will be the basis of your insurance. If you are about to leave the country, it is highly recommended to have a travel insurance before you pack your bag. Travel insurance will cover for you in case you become sick or have an accident while you are out of the country, remember that health care services outside the country may cost you a lot of money. Lost luggage and lost travel documents is another incident that will surely give you a lot of headaches. Having travel insurance they can assist you in processing all your needed documents.

Having travel insurance can give you a lot of benefits to free you from any worry that you may encounter while you are in your dream vacation. But make sure to read carefully and understand fully the contents of your travel insurance policy. Always keep a copy of your contract with you so you can always refer to the contract if you have questions.

Travel Insurance can help protect you and your family from unexpected costs due to a medical emergency, and allows you to customize your protection for unforeseen circumstances such as lost baggage, trip interruption, or trip cancellation.

Whether you are a Canadian Resident, a Visitor to Canada, an Inpatriate to Canada, an International Student, or a Canadian Expatriate, travel insurance can help safeguard you and your family.

Below is a list of common features and benefits found in most Hospital and Medical Travel Insurance policies:

1. $5,000,000 in Emergency Hospital and Medical coverage, which includes:

Accidental and Emergency Dental

Ambulance Services


Prescription Medication

Emergency Transportation

Meals and Accommodation

Return to original Trip Destination

Return of Travelling Companion

And much more!

2. 24/7 access to emergency assistance (multi-lingual)
3. All-inclusive plans and multi-trip plans available
4. Assistance with lost or stolen travel documents

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Video of Patient in Caribbeans that needed a air medical transport back to the United States after a major stroke. See it at

If you are thinking of obtaining travel health insurance for your travel abroad, there are some considerations that you have to think before availing an insurance policy for you. One of those is the kind of travel insurance that you will avail, the coverage of the travel insurance, and for how long the coverage of the travel insurance.

Depending on your needs and on things that you want will be the coverage of your travel plans; you can customize it the way you want. You can also have additional coverage depending on what kind of coverage you want. Make sure to read carefully and understand fully the insurance po9licy that you’ve chosen, make sure to check if your chosen destination for your vacation is covered by the insurance policy. Compare the travel insurance policy with another insurance company and chose which one will be the best fit for your needs.

The Secret To Making Every Trip Easy And Fun

Vacations must be unwinding and something that you prepare for. There is always certain things that may fail with all the planning your trip. Right here is some ideas that will certainly allow you to unwind on your vacation.

Understand people acting to be officials in some foreign nation. Do not offer anybody your passport; they may take it. Don’t ride with a regional you don’t understand.

Do not expect an airline company will certainly make you are flying. If you think they will certainly come in convenient, a pillow and a blanket to be comfortable while flying, a light blanket and comfortable headphones. You ought to likewise desire to pack along a couple of treats so you can have something significant to consume throughout your flight.

world_travel_tipsTake benefit of this service and print your tickets off at house if you are believing about going to a specific place that offers tickets. When you consider the lines that you can avoid, the small cost for such a service is worth it. If the park uses a timed entry system, you will not have to wait in line to get in, too. There are many pet friendly hotels and even have facilities for them as you head out to explore. These consist of cat medical spas and dog daycare. You can take your pets with you; you make the appropriate strategies ahead of time. Check out to learn more world travel tips and where to go shop for these deals.

Attempt to work in a big workout before you board the plane. This can lower the monotony of a long air travels. Sitting the very same way for a long durations of time can cause leg and back cramps.
You do not want to awaken to the audio of construction while on holiday. These sheets can be a terrific flat surface area for kids to color on or play cards.

Sign up for online newsletters from the major airlines. The potential cost savings you will certainly enjoy will certainly more than offset needing to handle a couple of more products in your e-mail address.

When taking a trip throughout time zones, Jet lag takes place to be a typical problem. While it can not be prevented, you can lessen the effects by sleeping a bit more during the days leading up to the flight. If possible, you must also attempt sleeping during the flight.

Now you have actually checked out some professional recommendations about traveling with ease and confidence. When booking a trip in the future, try using these pointers to begin with. If you do, you will have a more enjoyable experience. You can also get a downloadable PDF of some great traveling tips here.

Flying to Another Country: Top Air Ambulance Tips

Travel can be very taxing for a sick individual. That is why the planning process is so important, and never is that more true than when the patient is being transported to another country. Such trips are often very lengthy, and they can take a toll on the body. Therefore, it is important to be methodical about the trip and to keep the patient’s health as the number one priority throughout the process. It is not always easy to do this, although the following tips can help the trip be as successful as possible.

Crew Qualifications

flight_crews_transporting_from_ground_to_air_on_a_stretcherThe crew on board the flight plays a crucial role in ensuring that everything goes according to plan. How often have the individuals flown internationally before? Do they understand the particular challenges that result from traveling to another country? Can they attend to the patient’s needs while the plane is in the air? All these questions must be considered so that the patient is as safe and as comfortable as possible. Also, it is important to keep in mind that an inexperienced crew can greatly slow down the progression of the flight, which is detrimental to everyone on board. Flight crews have ongoing training and certifications that must be completed each year.

Although it is important to know how long and how many times the crew members have been flying internationally, overall experience is also important. An experienced crew understands how best to handle a patient’s needs, which is crucial during a flight like this. They can attend to the patient from the second he or she comes on board the air ambulance, ensuring that quality care is received.

The crew members have a lot to do with how at ease a patient feels during the flight. If the patient believes that they are in capable hands, a lot of their anxiety will melt away during the trip. A calm patient is obviously preferably, particularly when traveling such long distances.

There is a lot to consider when transporting a patient to another country. However, the issues raised above are crucial. The patient must be surrounded by experienced crew members that know how to help during the flight. These individuals will oversee the care of the patient, and they will work to ensure that he or she stays comfortable as the trip is completed. Professionalism can vary from person to person, which is why it is essential to have only the best crew on board an air ambulance.

The Advantages Of Using A Medical Jet vs A Helicopter For Air Ambulance Transports

In case of medical transports that need to be done very fast in in increased safety conditions, air ambulance transports are the most suitable. The airborne journey is less stressful for the patient and much shorter than the same distance covered by a ground ambulance, no matter how fast.

cq5dam.web.140.90.pngWhat you need to know about air ambulance transports is that they can be done either with helicopters or with medical jets. Jets are actually best on all types of distances, their benefits being huge for the patient and for the medical system in general.

First of all, a medical jet has on board all devices and machines needed to support life and to restore the patient’s balance in case of a crisis. All equipment and devices are modern and checked periodically by qualified staff members, in order to keep the devices in top working conditions. Depending on the special requirements of the patient, additional devices and medical specialists may join the flight, in order to be able to cater to the special needs imposed by various illnesses. Besides, CPR equipment is a must have on all these jets. They are pretty similar to ground hospitals in terms of the medical care they can supply, the only difference being that they can do it while in air. This feature has saved many lives and it will probably save more, since people started to realize the immense benefits of choosing air ambulance transports with medical jets.

The staff on medical jets consists of nurses and paramedics who are certified to provide in-flight medical care. They are selected from professionals with an extensive experience in ICU in ground hospitals, so they are aware of all unexpected situations that may occur in case of such transports.

A medical jet is not only better equipped but also much faster. All air ambulance transport companies operate are all state-of-the-art, able of reaching impressive speeds and with a very good autonomy, thus being suitable even for long distance flights. A Learjet aircraft, for instance, is able to reach speeds of 475 mph and it can carry the patient, the medical team and one or two passengers. Even better, the Gulfstream III aircraft can reach a speed of 500 mph and it can accommodate up to six passengers additionally to the medical crew.

Zepper-BK_117-C2-(EC145)-SchweizerischeRettungsflugwachtAll these are conditions that cannot be available in any other transportation means of today. Medical jets have excellent safety records. Moreover, the pilots are very experienced. They are selected from professionals with many hours of flight, then they receive intensive training and they need to pass a lot of tests and take their legal certifications before being able to work as air ambulance flight pilots.

Everyone on board of a medical jet is aware of the protocols that need to be followed in various situations, so the patient has the most chances to reach the destination without any problem.

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