1. Cameron Doherty

    I hope that Israel does storm Gaza. Hopefully avoiding civilian death. But
    destroying terrorist stockpiles and leaders.

  2. john howell

    trust the bbc to show the deaths and damage down to the poor terrorist but
    show say nothing about who started the attack first ….or to the fact
    that how many rockets landed in Israel…. try firing just one rocket a
    marry old England and see the out cry..the bbc is pro anything that makes
    Israel look bad…other words they are like the nazi all Jews are the
    enemy.. Liberal snakes


    In Word War 2 it were innocent jews getting killed by Hitler. Now it are
    jews killing innocent muslims. Don’t tell me Israel is any better than the
    terrorists. Hopefully they’ll kill each other and leave the innocent people

  4. omar jose

    the real terrorists are the Israelis, these people who came from poland,
    russia and USA should go back home. since when these people lived in the
    ARAB land? The real jews who lived in peace with the arabs for a long time
    are still in the arab countries. These Russian Polish jews came lately to
    start all these problems, mainly looking for oil money.

  5. Hamad Oman

    I hate watching Ban Ki moon while he is ranting.

  6. אין אין

    Go Israel Kill Hamas!

  7. LulitaInPita

    BBC – thank you for finally showing the whole picture of the war from both
    sides of the barrier! There is no fun in this war, only death and
    distruction. There are good people on the Gaza side and I personally know
    some of them who just want peace and are now suffering for the actions of
    the Hammas terrorist organization. The IDF only targets Hammas operating
    and weapon caches locations, the problem is that the Hammas places those in
    the middle of their civilian areas and therefore use the citizens as human
    shields with a gun to their heads.

    1:00 shows pretty damn well how the IDF warns the innocent citizens about
    their upcoming attacks so that those innocent people’s lives could be

  8. TheIcelandicPatriot

    It’s funny how we all like to pick sides. Granted there is a part of us
    that always will but we often fail to realize that both sides can be good
    and bad.

    Yes Israel has killed innocent civilians just as Palestine has. So instead
    of picking one side on the whole thing how about we try to stop both sides
    from starting a proper war? 

  9. Clayton Balzer

    just give back the land and stop fighting. appalling
    from both sides 

  10. SlaveSociety

    The UN needs to go to war against israel

  11. Daniel DeLuna

    Psalms 83

  12. Lumbre Grunge


  13. Angelina Mcfadden

    Why don’t the Palestinians pick up arms and fight the real enemy , HAMAS ?

  14. Pssssst...never mind the bollocks

    Thankfully Hamas are being eliminated

  15. Wisecrack

    UN says Gaza ‘on knife edge’ – BBC News

  16. mohaz23

    Israel occupaying West Bank and effectively locking up Gaza, and they think
    those Palestinians will not retaliate? They always try to put an impression
    that this cycle of violence is equal on both side, but it is not.
    Israel is the occuppier oppressor, while the Palestine is the occupied
    Why we are so dumb to fall into Israel tricks?

  17. belfasta

    The apartheid state of Israel should be wiped out and all stolen land
    returned to the palestinians

  18. Danielle C

    We should be sending Red Cross to evacuate the innocent. Not funding more
    war. Violence doesn’t end violence. It only extends it. It only creates
    more suffering. We are all human. There are children over there dying. What
    if that was you? Or your sibling or child? Do we not all bleed? Do we not
    all love? Do we not all feel? If that shit was going down your
    neighborhood, what would you be doing right now? We need to send Red Cross
    over there immediately. If anyone reads this, please take it to heart. Do
    something proactive. And if you speak on this subject, on youtube, on any
    website, to your family or friends, ALWAYS advocate for peace. 

  19. Hajar Safrti

    Help gaza children 

  20. Anonymous
  21. tang thomas

    I will bless those who bless you,
    but the one who treats you lightly I must curse,
    and all the families of the earth will bless one another by your name.

  22. widad afrah

    The Jews r the source of the world problems !!!! and USA as usual is
    helping Israel coz they r corrupted and work for the Jews !!! But God isn’t
    blind and would revenge soon or later all those who r killed .. Poor
    children =/

  23. Brigette Mccurdy

    our gvt just splurges and shows off, there aren’t any effective actions,
    because there isn’t desire.

  24. dinadode

    People are soo stuiped , they dont know that israel is the terrorist who
    kills innocent people , wake up ! 

  25. Storm

    BBC ought to close the comments box. This vile situation shouldn’t be made
    worse by online diplomats, anti – historians and cowards.


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