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Flying to Another Country: Top Air Ambulance Tips

Travel can be very taxing for a sick individual. That is why the planning process is so important, and never is that more true than when the patient is being transported to another country. Such trips are often very lengthy, and they can take a toll on the body. Therefore, it is important to be methodical about the trip and to keep the patient’s health as the number one priority throughout the process. It is not always easy to do this, although the following tips can help the trip be as successful as possible.

Crew Qualifications

flight_crews_transporting_from_ground_to_air_on_a_stretcherThe crew on board the flight plays a crucial role in ensuring that everything goes according to plan. How often have the individuals flown internationally before? Do they understand the particular challenges that result from traveling to another country? Can they attend to the patient’s needs while the plane is in the air? All these questions must be considered so that the patient is as safe and as comfortable as possible. Also, it is important to keep in mind that an inexperienced crew can greatly slow down the progression of the flight, which is detrimental to everyone on board. Flight crews have ongoing training and certifications that must be completed each year.

Although it is important to know how long and how many times the crew members have been flying internationally, overall experience is also important. An experienced crew understands how best to handle a patient’s needs, which is crucial during a flight like this. They can attend to the patient from the second he or she comes on board the air ambulance, ensuring that quality care is received.

The crew members have a lot to do with how at ease a patient feels during the flight. If the patient believes that they are in capable hands, a lot of their anxiety will melt away during the trip. A calm patient is obviously preferably, particularly when traveling such long distances.

There is a lot to consider when transporting a patient to another country. However, the issues raised above are crucial. The patient must be surrounded by experienced crew members that know how to help during the flight. These individuals will oversee the care of the patient, and they will work to ensure that he or she stays comfortable as the trip is completed. Professionalism can vary from person to person, which is why it is essential to have only the best crew on board an air ambulance.

The Advantages Of Using A Medical Jet vs A Helicopter For Air Ambulance Transports

In case of medical transports that need to be done very fast in in increased safety conditions, air ambulance transports are the most suitable. The airborne journey is less stressful for the patient and much shorter than the same distance covered by a ground ambulance, no matter how fast.

cq5dam.web.140.90.pngWhat you need to know about air ambulance transports is that they can be done either with helicopters or with medical jets. Jets are actually best on all types of distances, their benefits being huge for the patient and for the medical system in general.

First of all, a medical jet has on board all devices and machines needed to support life and to restore the patient’s balance in case of a crisis. All equipment and devices are modern and checked periodically by qualified staff members, in order to keep the devices in top working conditions. Depending on the special requirements of the patient, additional devices and medical specialists may join the flight, in order to be able to cater to the special needs imposed by various illnesses. Besides, CPR equipment is a must have on all these jets. They are pretty similar to ground hospitals in terms of the medical care they can supply, the only difference being that they can do it while in air. This feature has saved many lives and it will probably save more, since people started to realize the immense benefits of choosing air ambulance transports with medical jets.

The staff on medical jets consists of nurses and paramedics who are certified to provide in-flight medical care. They are selected from professionals with an extensive experience in ICU in ground hospitals, so they are aware of all unexpected situations that may occur in case of such transports.

A medical jet is not only better equipped but also much faster. All air ambulance transport companies operate are all state-of-the-art, able of reaching impressive speeds and with a very good autonomy, thus being suitable even for long distance flights. A Learjet aircraft, for instance, is able to reach speeds of 475 mph and it can carry the patient, the medical team and one or two passengers. Even better, the Gulfstream III aircraft can reach a speed of 500 mph and it can accommodate up to six passengers additionally to the medical crew.

Zepper-BK_117-C2-(EC145)-SchweizerischeRettungsflugwachtAll these are conditions that cannot be available in any other transportation means of today. Medical jets have excellent safety records. Moreover, the pilots are very experienced. They are selected from professionals with many hours of flight, then they receive intensive training and they need to pass a lot of tests and take their legal certifications before being able to work as air ambulance flight pilots.

Everyone on board of a medical jet is aware of the protocols that need to be followed in various situations, so the patient has the most chances to reach the destination without any problem.

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Solid Tips For Traveling Internationally By Air Ambulance

When it is necessary for a patient to be transported from one location to another, there needs to be some careful planning. Local trips are filled with many ups and downs, but international travel has its own set of issues. There are many things that can occur when going far distances for medical care, which is why the process is much more complicated. Not only do you need to worry about getting from point A to point B in a timely manner, but you must stay focused on the overall health and well-being of the patient. Here are several things you should keep in mind before taking flight.


flight_crews_transporting_from_ground_to_air_on_a_stretcherThe Quality And Skill Level Of The Crew


The first thing that should be considered is whether or not the crew is equipped to handle this type of travel. Are they able to handle all of the things that may come up during the trip? Will they be able to give the patient quality care while they are en route from one location to another? It is important for the crew to have all of the skills needed to take care of the patient properly while working on getting to their destination in a decent amount of time.




While it is important to look for people that have many skills, make sure that they have experience dealing with international travel. This will ensure that the patient receives the best care possible while in flight. A great air ambulance company should have no problem meeting this requirement.


Patient Satisfaction


This may seem like a minor detail, but look for a company that is focused on making patients as comfortable as possible on the trip. It is also important that they are able to help you feel reassured that there will be no issues during the trip. If your mind is at ease, it will make the trip more pleasant for everyone.

There are several factors one should consider when planning for an international medical flight(visit, and the most important are highlighted above. As was stated above, it is crucial for any air ambulance company you hire to have experience, a high level of patient care and the skills needed to avoid any bumps in the road along the way. Finding a company that has a combination of these qualities will ensure you have the best possible experience during this trying time. It would be a huge mistake to settle for anything less since it can mean the difference between life and death.

Commercial Medical Escorts Explained

Many people don’t understand what an air ambulance is, and often have questions about them. One of the most common questions is in regards to understanding what a commercial medical escort is, and what they do. It’s a legitimate question, and it deserves an answer before moving ahead. A commercial medical escort gets a patient to their destination as quickly, safely, and comfortably as possible. This is very similar to a medical flight, but an air ambulance is using a private jet for transports. Now we’ll cover what a medical escort is supposed to do when delivering patients.

Safe Delivery of Patient and/or Organ(s)

Commercial medical escorts are created to accommodate the needs of the patient while getting them to their destination. It is their job to make sure the patient gets where they are going safely without having to face any issues on board.

Any issues that arise should be handled accordingly. The team is a trained staff of medical professionals who are able to do this. As a result, the patient is in safe hands during the entire trip.


Cost-effective Option

Often patients requiring medical transport have little money, and need a cost-effective option. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, choosing one of these commercial medical escorts is an excellent choice.

You won’t find a safer choice for patients in need of safe and secure transport. This is very important for patients who are unable to travel without the medical equipment necessary to keep them healthy during the trip. This is especially important when it comes to longer flights involving far away destinations.

Quality Medical Team On Board

Commercial medical escorts are staffed with highly trained medical personnel that will be there for the patient during the entire flight. This medical team will not only work to keep the patient stable, they are also trained to address any health emergencies that may happen during the flight.

Because of the unique patient environment that exists during transport, these professionals have been trained to handle emergencies better than most medical professionals. Because they don’t have access to the kinds of equipment found in hospitals, they often have to rely on their experience should any emergencies arise. Their years of experience in the medical field is a major benefit to their patients. This level of experience allows them to offer better treatment to their patients during transport.

Professionals just out of medical school with little experience are not recommended for these commercial medical transports. They do not have the training nor the experience necessary to make sure the patient gets the care he or she needs. If you need a higher level of medical attention, you should most definitely look into utilizing an air ambulance services for your transport.

Choosing The Best Organ Transplant Team Transport

If a hospital has an emergency in which one of their patients is in need of an organ transplant, and they need to have the organ delivered as soon as possible, they need to have an air ambulance at their disposal which can fly that organ at high speeds in order to save this person’s life. Timing is literally of the essence when you are facing a life and death situation, and having the best organ transplant team working for you will help you save more lives. Here are some tips on choosing the best organ transplant team transport to ensure that you can provide the best possible service for those that are at any hospital.

What Is A Transplant Team?

There are many aspects to having a transport team that will be able to work as a solid unit, capable of producing results. If a patient needs to have access to surgical procurement teams, as well as lifesaving organs within the span of hours, this team will be able to deliver every time. One aspect of the team includes transport coordinators, the individuals that are responsible for coordinating the organ with the team and its aircraft, and knowing exactly where to send it right away. Logistic specialists are also part of the package, making sure that ground transportation that delivers the organ to the airport arrives on time. Onboard, you are going to have a team of doctors that are specially trained in order to properly care for the organ en route to its destination. Working together, the requested organ will be delivered on time in perfect condition, able to be used by surgeons right away to help save a person’s life.

Equipment And Interiors

There are certain types of equipment used on an air ambulance to ensure that the organ will arrive safely. There will be top-of-the-line aircraft pressurization built into the aircraft to ensure that changes in air pressure as the aircraft ascends and descends cannot affect the organ. Although these aircraft are also equipped to handle patients and may have specialized equipment for individuals in need such as a defibrillator, ventilator, respirator and cardiac monitors, the organ simply needs to be maintained at a proper temperature and pressure within a sealed container to ensure that it is not affected during the flight and can be used upon arrival.

Locating A Reputable Organ Transplant Team Transport

The best way to locate one of these transports which are specifically designed to handle organs is to contact companies that have air ambulance technology as they will know exactly what team to use to perform this certain task. The goal is always to save the lives of as many people as possible, and delivering an organ safely and on time is certainly part of their training. The best references will come from colleagues at other hospitals that are using similar services, transplant teams and aircraft that have helped save lives for their patients in need. You can read more on medical transports and organ transports by visiting

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