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Medical Travel

interior_lear_jet_image_medical_equipment_spaciousOver the past few years, medical transport evolved a great deal. About 100 years ago, the only means of transporting patients were stretchers carried either by people or by horse-drawn carriages. They probably saved some lives in those times, but such transportation means surely didn’t allow for en route care.

With the apparition of the automobile, ambulances were soon to follow. Today, everyone can recognize an ambulance when they see it. It’s a well-known fact that you should call an ambulance to take you to the hospital when you are sick or injured. Even small children are aware of this.

The ambulance has also gone through a continuous process of improvement and upgrade, with new technological discoveries that appeared. While in the beginning, an ambulance was only a van that served to transport patients, modern ambulances are mobile hospitals or emergency units, equipped with life support devices and operated by knowledgeable medical staff. When it comes to short distance medical transport, ambulances rule.

Nonetheless, it is worth noticing that medical transport evolved also to include air ambulance or medical jet services. They appeared from the necessity of transporting patients in critical condition over long distances. Air ambulances saved a lot of lives in case or accidents that occurred in remote places, where ground ambulances could not reach such as top of the mountains, far away islands or dwellings in the desert.

Like all other social services, air ambulances cross a continuous process of upgrade. They also become more and more known, therefore many patients consider them as a much better means of getting to remote hospitals for receiving the care they need. Such patients may also wish to travel, but because they need medical supervision, they can’t take a commercial flight. Read more about air medical services here.


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