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Why Are Non-Emergency Air Ambulance Transports Necessary?

Air ambulances are excellent for transporting passengers in all kinds of medical emergencies; however, many people do not realize that it is also possible to use this type of service to transport passengers who may have extra medical needs but are not in crisis. For example, when transferring an elderly patient from one hospital to another or from hospital to a nursing home, a non-emergency air transport may be in order. This is especially true if there is a great distance to be covered. Going by air is naturally quicker and more comfortable. Additionally, the medical staff on board is always completely aware of the condition of the patient/passenger. They are ready, willing and able to help should any emergency arise throughout the flight.

Taylors Story Angel Flight West 300x186 Why Are Non Emergency Air Ambulance Transports Necessary?Pilots of air ambulance service planes and helicopters are, of course, licensed pilots. Furthermore, they are required to have an excellent safety history. Many different types of aircraft are enlisted in service as both non-emergency and emergency medical transport vehicles. Typically, you will see the twin engine Cessna used for this purpose. Other choices include the Lear Jet and the Gulfstream. Patients and/or family members may also be able to arrange for luxury aircraft to be used for transport.

Medical insurance often covers medical transport; however, patients should confirm this with their insurance company in advance. In this way, everyone can avoid unpleasant surprises. About a third of the patients who make use of medical transport do have at least some insurance coverage that will help defray the costs. Those who use Medicaid or Medicare may be able to get good referrals for assistance by simply asking their doctors. It’s a good idea to shop medical transport services before you need one. Finding out which services are covered by your insurance and what they offer is a simply matter of making contact and asking questions.

International Medical Flights: Why And How

The recent Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa has opened a big conversation about medical flights and air ambulances. They came into prominence when news broke that two American patients in West Africa were being airlifted all the way to Georgia, and for many, this was their first time hearing about international medical flights.

International flights are done for many reasons. The most obvious one is to transport a patient who needs a certain type of care – in this case, an Ebola patient – to another place that can give them that care. This is especially common in small, rural countries, such as in Africa and certain island nations.

While almost every country in the world has at least one major medical center equipped to take care of just about anything, many areas do not. Even the nicest medical center may not be able to provide transplant care or to help with certain surgeries for a critical patient. Some do not have the ability to contain and take care of certain diseases. In this case they may airlift their patient to a neighboring country that can take care of them.

There are a lot of legalities behind international transport. In the case of the Ebola patients, they were American citizens being transported back to their home country. This is the most common type of international medical flights, and the easiest to deal with legally. It’s when someone is transported to the a country they are not a citizen of that some things can become tricky.

However, as the world continues to become more global on a social and medical level, we are going to see an increase in international medical flights. This is fantastic, as it means that millions of more people are getting the proper care that they may not have received before.

Finding Private Jet Rentals For Less

If you are a fan of traveling to different exotic locations, you might want to consider a different way of going from one place to the next. If you have the funds to do so, with money not being a problem at all, you might want to consider using private jets. These can provide you with luxury, speed, and convenience that you simply cannot have when traveling with public transportation. You can actually save a considerable amount of money when traveling extensively by utilizing a private jet rentals company that charges far less than the rest.

Locating Private Jet Rentals Online

Man on private jet 011 Getty Images 300x180 Finding Private Jet Rentals For LessThe first place that you should begin your search for a company that offers private jets is to go onto the Internet to see what companies are advertising. As you can probably assume, these businesses will have professional websites that are designed to show you what they have to offer. Many of them will have videos depicting how the flight will go, or even providing you with an overview of what their company has to offer. Some of the pages will depict the fleet that they have, giving you a basic idea of the jets that you have to choose from. Some of the information will talk about their safety record, giving you the confidence that you should have before choosing to fly with their company.

Contacting A Private Jet Rentals Company

Once you have found a company or two, and decided on whether or not you want to rent the jet, or simply take advantage of their charter hourly rates, you can get the right get for your trip for leisure or business, allowing you to get to your destination in style. The prices will range from about $2000 an hour for a smaller jet to $8000 an hour for an ultra long range aircraft. You can also rent them for vacations, such as a week long trip, and simply pay a flat fee for their service. If this is something that you would like to consider using, find out more today about private jet rentals in your area.

A Brief Overview Of Medical Air Transport Service Levels

Medical air transportation needs vary. There are times where getting a patient airlifted is a life or death emergency, and there are other times when the only concern is getting a stable medical patient from one location to another safely and comfortably. Patients like these cannot fly on commercial airlines because, as with patients who are in dire emergencies, they require medical attention during the flight

The levels of medical air transportation differ depending on the medical needs of the patient. Here is an overview of these different levels of transportation.

Basic Medical Life Support Services

Patients who are stable, but still need constant medical care need basic life support during a medical flight. Aircraft that serve these patients are equipped with cardiopulmonary machines, oxygen and breathing support, and a stretcher approved by the FAA.

These flights have flight-certified paramedics and nurses ready to serve the patient. These specialists perform basic medical care like taking blood pressure, tracking a patient’s heart and monitoring his or her IV line.

Advanced Medical Life Support Services

interior lear jet image medical equipment spacious 300x163 A Brief Overview Of Medical Air Transport Service LevelsMore advanced medical life support flights are suited for stable patients who require a slightly more involved level of care. In addition to the basic life support services, an advanced medical air transport flight includes cardiac defibrillation equipment, equipment to open and stabilize airways, and the ability for IV lines to be inserted.

The doctors, paramedics and nurses on board these flights must be specifically trained to handle the issues of the patient flying with them. They must be adept at handling anything that occurs during the flight.

Critical Care Medical Services

Critical care flights employ the highest level of care and equipment. Flights such as these can be thought of as flying hospitals in that the staff on board offers emergency care, and the flight is equipped with the highest level of medical apparatus and supplies.

Whatever care is required, you can be certain that our medical staff is ready to handle it during our Learjet flights. The planes accommodate up to five passengers as well as the patient. Each jet has the ability to stay airborne for approximately 4 to 6 hours. Crews are medical professionals with significant hours of experience flying on medical airplanes.

Each staff member meets the proper level of FAA training. These professionals also have the added experience in handling patients, serving as lifeguards, as well as managing cockpit resources. These professionals also meet OSHA guidelines and have the ability to make aeronautical decisions.

Make sure the staff is trained well and is properly outfitted to help you with your medical air transport needs. It does not matter whether you need a medical escort for added peace of mind, or you are in need of immediate critical care. If you are unsure about which of the above detailed levels suits you, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our specialists are ready to assess your needs and help you make the best flight choice for those needs. You can read additional information about air medical transport services by visiting HonorFlags at

How To Choose The Best Air Medical Service With The Necessary Medical Flight Equipment

jet air ambulance transport 300x107 How To Choose The Best Air Medical Service With The Necessary Medical Flight EquipmentPeople every day are transported via air ambulances for both non-emergency and emergency reasons. A medical flight is often a way to simply transport a patient from the medical facility they are currently in to another one, that is maybe in a different country or state. A patient might need to receive care from a physician who is trained in a certain medical specialty that isn’t available in the area where they live. However, medical flights are used also for critically ill patients whose lives depend on getting transported to a trauma center that might be hundreds of miles away from a rural hospital.

Although there are various reasons why a medical flight might be used or needed, any time air transportation needs to be used for medical reasons for a patient, the plane needs to be equipped properly with well trained medical personnel and the necessary medical flight equipment.

So how do you choose the best air ambulance service for your needs? You may want to start your search by looking into the reputation of several different businesses. Companies that have excellent reputations have professional and highly skilled medical personnel, modern airplanes and the life saving up-to-date medical equipment available on each flight.

Medical Team Personnel

First, let’s focus on the medical personnel that is on board the aircraft. Any reputable air medical service will have a highly skilled team of experienced and qualified medical personnel on board, including nurses, paramedics and doctors. The professionals are fully aware that an emergency could potentially occur during the flight, so the medical staff takes charge of the well being of the patient each step in the journey. All staff members should possess all the required certifications involving safe medical air transportation. Also, they should go to certified education courses on a regular basis to stay current with all of the most recent procedures, especially since this is such a highly specialized field.

Although most medical flights might not be taken for a real medical emergency, the medical staff needs to be fully trained, the planes should all be completely up-to-date and all of the medical flight equipment should be the latest technology. Each flight, after all, involves a patient who has unique needs. There are many patients who might only need to stay comfortable and warm during the flight. However, others might need to have life saving equipment used during the flight.

Type Of Aircraft For Emergency Medical Transports

helicopter for air ambulances1 300x195 How To Choose The Best Air Medical Service With The Necessary Medical Flight EquipmentWhat kind of aircraft is best for medical transportation? This all depends on the flight duration and location. Small jets, like Lear jets, are used by many of the air ambulance companies. However, twin engine and turboprop airplanes might also be able to do an adequate job as well.

Before an aircraft is assigned, a trained coordinator needs to make a determination based on the flight distance, size of closest airport and personal knowledge of the destination’s city. The main goal is to get to the final destination safely and cause the least disturbance and stress to the patient. It is very important to choose a company with the proper medical equipment for that specific patient’s needs.

An excellent air ambulance company should have the ability to fly to international destinations in addition to inside its national boundaries. The patient and family members on the flight should be treated as welcome guests. Patients and family members should also be shown the same level of care that they would provide to their own family members.

Medical Flight Equipment On The Jet

What kind of medical flight equipment needs to be included on an air ambulance flight? The following is a review of some of the main standard equipment that could be life saving when a patient is on board a medical flight.

More than fifty percent of medical flights occur during non-daylight hours. So crews need to have enhanced night vision goggles. These will allow them to see and also recognize whatever obstacles might be in the way before taking off and also after landing.

Another thing that is crucial for air ambulances is to have special monitors designed to diagnose and read a patient’s vital signs. Many of these monitors have been designed to be used specifically on medical transport flights. These monitors can be affected by air pressure at different altitudes. Therefore, it is very important the monitors that are on board have been designed to be used on air ambulances.

The Isolette incubator has been designed for critically ill infants. They monitor the vital signs of the baby, provide oxygen and also maintain the temperature at a comfortable level, particularly for neonates or premature babies.

The i-STAT is a type of hand-held special blood analyzer, It provides a very high quality, real time analysis. Medical crew members can perform extensive blood tests if there there is an i-STAT on board. They can also get immediate results during the flight.

Another essential piece of equipment is the ventilator. The needs of all patients can be met by a high quality ventilator. It can be programming for controlling the breathing of the patient. The equipment used on medical flights need to be designed to be used at different altitudes.

Many critical ill patients, particularly cardiac patients, need to have multiple IV lines in order for medical staff to be able to administer both life-saving medications and fluids. Infusion pumps are also very important. Patients who were formerly considered too sick to travel via air, now can be transported safely. This is mainly because of advances that have been made to infusion pumps that are used on medical fights now.

Anyone might need to be transported via an air ambulance. There could be many different reasons for this. If is critically important that you choose a company that has all of the necessary life-saving medical equipment and the right airplanes in addition to well trained medical personnel.

Best Last Minute Getaway Deals And Pointers

Due to the fact that holiday bundle service providers usually reduce prices when the travel date is extremely close and there are still a number of un-booked plans left, last minute trip bundles are in abundance. Waiting till the last minute to book can be extremely rewarding if you can stand the suspense. There are likewise cancellations to think of so even if the plans are completely booked, you can come across an excellent deal every now and then when someone cancels their trip. During that case, you might really want to get on a waiting list to ensure that you are provided concern when someone cancels.

If you are trying to find a bargain, then there are plenty available these days. There are some business available that search purely for special discounts or last minute cheap bargains. If you desire more from your money, it might well be something to think about looking at.

First and foremost, all holiday plans should include the particular accommodations you signed up for and that were specified to you at the time of reservation. You are paying a swelling amount for a package and the most substantial item in the plan is the room you will certainly be staying in. Since of this, you ought to not anticipate a hotel or turn to sign you up for a bundle with a space of a certain size only to offer you a smaller room or a various type at the last minute.

Another great method to save money on a vacation is to take a look at the many last minute discounts that are offered to you. If you can pack and be all set rapidly then you can save a lot of cash by finding hotels and flights that have been marked down due to the fact that the business is attempting to move inventory that they have readily available.

It has occurred to everyone at one time or another. You discover yourself with a complimentary weekend or a couple of days at the end of the week where you can in fact flee. Last minute vacations are often expensive, though, so most of the time you wind up sitting around the house in your pajamas viewing daytime TV and consuming takeout. You do not need to let this take place even one even more time if you know where to planning to find the very best last minute holiday packages and discounts. If you are not terribly picky about where you’re headed, you can take a 2 or three outing for simply a couple of hundred dollars.

Not all eleventh hour trip plans are domestic. You can discover international travel at the last minute as well, however you will certainly have to stretch your spending plan a little. Bear in mind that worldwide travel also requires a key. If you don’t already have one or yours is not valid any longer, you’re out of luck for international last minute travel, however attempt once again after you get the ticket. For everyone else, last minute plans to London, England begin at about $600 per individual. If you consider that worldwide air fare and hotel in London typically cost this much individually, this rate is fantastic.

As practical as these sites could be, a person could likewise be puzzled about which to pick for last minute getaway offers. In reality, lots of travel specialists mention to customers to work with the travel site with which they feel most comfy. The agents who work for these online companies might have the ability to find different services on different dates. Customers are recommended to look around and choose one that works finest for them.

If you are trying to find airline tickets and hotel but would rather leave the meals and entertainment up to your own decision as soon as you arrive, you might have better luck on an internet travel website than you will piecing the trip together by yourself. You can pick from a variety of departure times and dates, then choose your hotel. If you had acquired air travel and hotel separately, most of the time you will find that the end price is much less than it would have been. Some of these internet sites may also be renowneded for having great eleventh hour specials that may include red-eye air travels or hotels that are not right on the beach, however you can save hundreds of dollars per person. You can find some additional travel tips and deals at

The reason why a lot of individuals delayed preparing a holiday till the last minute is that they cannot choose which place to go to and considering that a getaway costs a lot, no one desires to make the wrong decision. Preparing a vacation on a beach is the best way to make sure that you have an excellent time within your budget plan. No matter what time of the year it is, a beach getaway is a wonderful method to take pleasure in and unwind. Find some additional travel tips and deals at

Numerous Travel Tips That You May Have Overlooked

You are most likely second-guessing your getaway in this year because of the bad economy. Continue reading for some ways which can help you keep that trip without breaking the bank.

Have your bags packed the night prior to. Make the preparations you require well before your air travel. Missing your air travel is a terrible experience that you never wish to go with.

Trip can get extremely boring which is a fantastic factor to prepare activities along the method. Breaking up with intriguing stops makes the entire trip more exciting. Provide your children with a copy of your activities.

When going on a road journey, plan service stops ahead of time. When taking trip, you can encounter long stretches in which there are few stops or any stops for assisting you to preserve or service your automobile. Strategy your path around repair locations that can manage upkeep on your vehicle. Keep these numbers on you have to utilize them.

You Can Plan A Vacation Without Breaking The Bank

Many people like to prepare for their holidays early on. Some individuals prefer to prepare them the year prior to they go. Other individuals prefer to get hold of last minute deals. There are all types of getaway packages and holidays available.

Planning a household getaway can be time consuming, and expense you plenty. You can begin looking for the best vacation as early as possible, in order to find what your trying to find. Choosing a vacation package is the very best thing to do, so you can conserve cash from you and your household. Finding the best vacation Packages at a low cost can be possible, if you search properly.

Search online and find the best location for you to book, to make your trip a memorable one. You do not have to be one of the unlucky one’s not to take a holiday. If you do your homework right, you will be able to find all the cost-effective locations for you to start finding information. Do not wait too long. Begin your search today in discovering the finest getaway packages.

Before you wrap up a bundle and spend for it, ensure that the business you are choosing has a great reputation and has been in company for quite some time so that you know you will certainly get your cash’s worth. There are lots of excellent trip bundles available online and when you select very carefully, you can enjoy your vacations profoundly. By choosing a company that has no credibility and company history, you are taking a big risk as it may be a scams and you will not just end up wasting cash but your holiday will also be ruined totally. Also, considering that you are supposed to pay for online booking via your charge card, it is best to make certain that you are employing a credible business.

Now you understand exactly what you have to make a great trip take place. Great travel experience takes planning; it takes shrewdness. The understanding and preparation that you utilize can make your travel trip or medical trip remarkable.

What Is The Purpose Of International Medical Flights

People travel all over the world to vacation in far away places. Sometime they go on cruise ships and visit several different countries on one vacation, in foreign countries, in remote destinations far away from home. People have a tendency to try out new things and be more adventurous when they are on vacation, and some end up getting critically injured. Language barriers, risky environments and unsafe vehicles are all factors that may result in injuries and accidents.

Why International Medical Flights Are Necessary

The World Health Organizations (WHO) reports that among travelers, the world number one cause of death is injuries. It is ten times more likely that a U.S. citizen traveling abroad will die from an injury instead of an infectious disease. According to the WHO, from 2009 to 2011, approximately 2,773 U.S. citizens died from an injury while they were visiting a foreign country. The main cause of death for healthy U.S. citizens while working, living or traveling in a foreign country was motor vehicle crashes.

What will you do if you become critically ill or injured while you are traveling abroad? When you are visiting a foreign country, chances are you won’t be too familiar with the area’s local hospitals. The care they provide you with might be sub-par compared to what you’re used to getting in the U.S. What if they are unable to treat you properly and it is necessary for you to be evacuated to the United States, but you’re too injured or sick to travel on a commercial flight? That’s when you might need an air ambulance service. Air ambulances offer medical flights for injured and ill patients. To help you learn more about international travel, medical travel and air ambulances, visit and read more about all of these subjects.

How To Find A Reputable International Air Ambulance Service

air ambulance jet taking off 1024x385 What Is The Purpose Of International Medical FlightsNot every air ambulance is able to fly internationally. You would have to check with companies individually to find out which ones have that ability. The companies that can are usually the more established, larger air ambulance companies. They fly jets that have been medically configured to transport patients. The Learjet 60 and other similar jets are used due to their range and speed. These jets are able to fly critically injured and ill individuals back home. There is medical staff on board to monitor patients during the flight.

If you or a member of your family ever gets injured while you are traveling abroad and need to get a medical flight home, make sure you get in touch with the closest U.S. embassy. They’ll be able to help you find a reputable international air ambulance service. Before you go on your trip you also can do some research online to find air ambulance companies. Make sure they own, maintain and operate their jets. They should also have high safety, or ARGUS ratings. The best rating is Platinum. Then when you are traveling, have the information with you. You hopefully won’t ever have to use it.

Great Experience Possibilities From Traveling Internationally

Traveling has the best instructional experience. It offers you approximately an entire brand-new world of possibilities. To experience it yourself instead of enjoying it on tv or seeing it in a book, instead of simply reviewing it, live the sights and soak up all the pleasures of travel that makes the inconvenience of packing well worth it.

International travel continues to grow at an impressive rate, both for company along with individual travel. There is no indicator of this segment of the travel market reducing and linking people to the world has actually never been much easier. Among the greatest issues tourists stress over is becoming ill or getting into an accident overseas. Luckily, there are terrific worldwide insurance coverage policies that help alleviate those issues.

1920px Palace of Westminster London   Feb 2007 1024x403 Great Experience Possibilities From Traveling Internationally

International travel can be a great deal of enjoyable but for some individuals there is a requirement to be useful. Depending on the approaches of taking a trip there methods to make the journey at bit much easier. Right here is a look at some travel tips that can assist.

International travel can be a great experience; it enables you to witness many new cultures and way of lives. International travel has many advantages which make it better than your standard domestic getaway. Relying on your destination, traveling abroad can likewise conserve you cash since of the existing currency exchange rate. These rates alter and could not be available in the future. A great exchange rate or activity that you want to see might not be offered if you avoided planning the holiday. Another benefit of planning a worldwide trip today is the present innovation, makings booking a journey easy. Technology can help eliminate the hassle of discovering the very best places and costs based on your budget plan.

International travel offers could indicate more travel opportunities at the best expense. Such offerings are readily available for both business and individuals. Lots of people who choose this choice frequently want to experience another nation’s total culture. Those who enjoy backpacking adventures are the usual customers in this circumstances. These individuals want to take a trip at affordable expenses so they can check out more places.

To make the most out of your journey, you could look into all there is to do at your location or you can take a seat with your international travel agents to prepare a schedule of activities. This helps you prepare ahead so you know you’ll have sufficient cash for all things you wish to do before you even pack your bags. In addition to planning experiences and excursions, you can even make supper reservations beforehand. If you want to be more flexible with your time, they can produce a folder of info that you can browse at your leisure so that you have all the info you’ll need without needing to spend time looking into things to do while you’re there. You should also check out this international travel checklist by visiting this government website.

While the travel market today permits us to prevent the globe in record times, we have to deal with realities Mr. Fogg never considered. From jet-lag to language obstacles to having to remove your shoes and belt when asked, today’s international tourist need to contend with a difficult selection of difficulties. Sure, you can get an app for your iphone that translates any language and there are a number of treatments for jet-lag out there (melatonin, bright light therapy) there is even an excellent website called “The Guide To Sleeping In Airports” which I advise. It has a cautionary list of, “The World’s Worst Airports“.

If you do little bit of research and browse with different online travel sites; you can easily discover tickets, to end with it can be stated that. Since there has been increase in the number of airline companies and international flights, this is possible nowadays. To fight competition, the majority of the airline business offer most inexpensive air tickets from time to time. For low-cost international travel, you can keep an eye on popular travel sites.Traveling has the best instructional experience. It offers you approximately an entire brand-new world of possibilities. To experience it yourself instead of enjoying it on tv or seeing it in a book, instead of simply reviewing it, live the sights and soak up all the pleasures of travel makes the inconvenience of packing well worth it.

International travel continues to grow at an impressive rate, both for company along with individual travel. There is no indicator of this segment of the travel market reducing and linking people to the world has actually never been much easier. Among the greatest issues tourists stress over is becoming ill or getting into an accident overseas. Luckily, there are terrific worldwide insurance coverage policies that help alleviate those issues.

International travel can be a great deal of enjoyable but for some individuals there is a requirement to be useful. Depending on the approaches of taking a trip there methods to make the journey at bit much easier. Right here is a look at some travel tips that can assist.